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01. Application Process
02. Buying Process
03. Delivery Process
04. Payment Process

• Applicant provides proof of purchase order with supporting documentation.

• Applicant provides copies of quotations used for the order.

• Applicant signs a cession agreement with CEDE CAPITAL.


CEDE CAPITAL then buys the products/goods on behalf of the applicant .

CEDE CAPITAL makes sure the products/goods gets delivered as soon as possible.

Payment of ceded purchase order is effected 30 days from invoice date.

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- Cede capital finances small/medium companies with purchase orders from the South African Government Departments that are willing to enter into a cession agreement.

- Our fee is charged on product cost and not on the entire purchase order.

- The payment is expected in 30 days after the date of invoice (when the applicant invoices the client)

- We charge interest on overdue payments, the interest is effective for every 30 days that pass without payment.



 NCRCP: 8919